Bankruptcy Attorney for the Van Nuys area

We are a small, highly-experienced consumer bankruptcy law practice located right next to the Van Nuys area for over 25 years.  I’m Stephen Parry, State Bar #98188.  I’ve been practicing exclusively bankruptcy law since 1990.  I’m assisted by Mr. Barry Sisselman, a skilled paralegal with 25 years’ bankruptcy experience in the Van Nuys area.  Together, we provide you with prompt, efficient, personalized bankruptcy service. Call me at 818-895-2200 to get a free quote and ask any questions you may have about bankruptcy.


Simple and Efficient Bankruptcy Services

When you choose me to file bankruptcy, you won’t have to deal with intermediaries, clerks, secretaries, receptionists, or recently hired, inexperienced attorneys and paralegals.

You won’t have to fill out lengthy, tedious interview sheets, and you won’t need to make any lists of your creditors or debts.  Just bring us your bills, your collection notices, lawsuits, judgment or garnishment paperwork, or any other evidence of indebtedness you may have.  You can even bring us your plastic cards and we can proceed with those.  If you are missing any creditor or collection information, or you’re just not sure “what’s out there”, we’ll run a free credit bureau report for you at the time of our first meeting.  We input all the information we collect from you directly into our proprietary bankruptcy software, then print the results for you to review for completeness and accuracy.


Knowledgeable and Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

I’ve been filing bankruptcies under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in the Van Nuys area for many years, and I’m familiar with all the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy judges, trustees, and even some of the clerks who work for the judges, or for the trustees.  We employ this knowledge to your advantage to obtain results that other bankruptcy lawyers might overlook.  We know what is needed in bankruptcy, and perhaps what is most important:  we know what is not needed.  This kind of knowledge saves you time, it saves us time, and it results in a successful, stress-free, pleasant bankruptcy experience for you, the client.


How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Because of our low overhead and efficient procedures, we offer prices for bankruptcy services that are generally lower than what other attorneys in the Van Nuys area charge – sometimes substantially lower – while maintaining a level of expertise that is second to none.  Most of our Chapter 7 cases range in cost from $700 to $1,100, plus the $335 filing fee the court charges.  However, some cases are less and a few are more.  Please call me at 818 895-2200 for an exact quote over the phone.

I do all of my work on a flat fee basis whenever possible.  If there are any complications to your bankruptcy (rare in Chapter 7, but not uncommon in Chapter 13), this flat fee policy can result in enormous savings for you when compared to other bankruptcy practices where you’ll be billed for each phone call, for every minute of attorney time or paralegal time – even for copying and other miscellaneous charges!


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I have specialized knowledge of, and experience in Chapter 13 bankruptcy practice in the Van Nuys area (the San Fernando Valley division of the bankruptcy court).  Be aware:  not all attorneys advertising bankruptcy have the necessary experience in Chapter 13 – even if they’re able to handle Chapter 7 cases.

Chapter 13 is a powerful tool I know how to use for a wide range of creditor/debt situations you may have for which there may not be a Chapter 7 solution.  Here are just a few examples:

  your income is a little too high to qualify you for a simple Chapter 7 discharge of debt, however, using Chapter 13 you may able to discharge all your debt while paying off only a small percentage of it (Note:  this feature of Chapter 13 is mandated by federal law, and is far preferable for many reasons to a non-bankruptcy “Debt Consolidation” – call us @ 818 895-2200 to find out why).

 you can’t get a simple Chapter 7 discharge of your debt because you have “non-exempt assets” – again, using Chapter 13 you may be able to discharge all your debt while paying off only a manageable, affordable percentage of it.

 you have “non-dischargeable” debt, such as tax liabilities – using Chapter 13, you can make installment payments to the IRS or FTB without any interest or penalties while at the same time you discharge all your other unsecured, credit card or loan-type debt!  Unless your tax liabilities are minimal, you’re better off with Chapter 13 than with a voluntary installment plan with the IRS or FTB – call me to find out why – 818 895-2200.

 you need to save your house from a foreclosure sale or a notice of default, or you simply need to catch up missed house payments when the bank refuses to cooperate with you, or you merely want to delay a foreclosure or you want time to seek a modification of your loan, or your request for a modification has been denied and you’d like to reapply – you need Chapter 13 for these situations.  Even if another attorney has told you to file Chapter 7 because you don’t qualify for Chapter 13, call me to find out why you’re better off filing under Chapter 13 for any or all of these scenarios.

These are but a few of the situations where a creative, skilled use of Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code can get you results you can’t get anywhere else in the legal system.  Remember, when it comes to Chapter 13 “not all attorneys are created equal“.  Here at the Law Offices of Stephen Parry we don’t just “handle Chapter 13”, we specialize in Chapter 13, and we have done so for many, many years here in the Van Nuys area.

Whatever creditor or debt concerns you may have, be sure to call me for a free, no obligation consultation over the phone.  Call me  even if you are just shopping for a price.  818 895-2200